Terms & Conditions

Term and Condition

  • To get membership of all the first NGOs, after reading the terms and conditions, they understand
  • To become a member of the NGO, it will be mandatory to pay a membership fee of ₹ 500 per year.
  • Not all members will get the benefits of ngo if they do not renew their membership.
  • After becoming a member of the NGO, you can work as an NGO with a sense of service. No monthly salary will be paid on working.
  • You can take gift from NGO by making more people a member in NGO and take away from business capital NGO for business at minimum annual interest rates to overcome your economic situation.
  • Gift and trading capital depends on a level and members whose level chart has been created by the NGO. Based on which the gifts and trading capital will be given to you as soon as the members in the level grow together. Look from one to twenty.
  • According to labels 1 to 20, only after depositing the first trading capital with the NGO, the trading capital of the next level will be given.
  • The member was taken his Aadhar card PAN card for taking business capital Deposit of capital check will be mandatory
  • The monthly installment made by signing the check for the entire amount by adding the amount of money taken to receive trading capital and the minimum profit of that amount, will have to be paid according to the chart on page number 2.
  • Any gift given by the NGO will bear the mark of the NGO which will not be removed by any member under any circumstances.
  • A five percent admin charge will apply to all benefits.
  • I have become a member of this NGO only after thoroughly reading all the rules and conditions.
  • I will not dispute any kind of debate in this NGO and if found doing, my membership will be terminated automatically. And all benefits will be abolished, on which I have no objection and will not take any action in any court.